PBX 20 Series

2 to 50 ton Air Conditioner, Pressurization and Optional Deep Bed Filter Module

PB 20 Series combines air conditioning, pressurization, and make-up air filtration on one skid. Units offer convenient and economic means for achieving compliance with NFPA 496 and similar industrial codes. A quiet, variable speed blower automatically maintains the preset building pressure. Only the make-up air required to offset building leakage an losses from door openings  is supplied. Gone are sluggish response, constant need for adjustments, and the high maintenance associated with barometric dampers. The units are fully instrumented with thermostat, pressure selector and display, and Start/Stop controls. Deep bed gas phase and high dirt loading filters are optional. Dual (redundant) blowers and air conditioning  with automatic switchover controls are optional.


  • Provides Pressurization, Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Filtration in one Pre-assembled Module
  • Pressure is Adjustable from 0.025
  • Fully Automatic; Speed Modulated Blower Maintains Preset Pressure
  • Eliminates Problems Associated with Damper Controlled Systems
  • Minimizes Heating and Cooling Losses
  • Explosion Proof Class I, Groups B, C or D and Class II, Groups F and G in Div. 1 or 2*
  • Cooling Capacities from 2 to 50 tons
  • Skid Mounted, Pretested System for Quick Installation and Trouble-Free Start-Up
  • Filters for Dust, Odor* and Corrosion* Control
  • Control Panel has Pressure and Temperature Controls and Display, Pressure Loss Alarm Contacts and Purge* Controls
  • Smoke, Hydrocarbon or Specific Gas Detectors with Alarm and Automatic Shutdown*
  • Full Redundancy with Automatic Switchover*
  • Blower Maintenance without Pressure Loss*
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Coil Finish*


  • Control Rooms
  • Analyzer Buildings
  • Compressor Stations
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Grain Elevators
  • Steel Mills

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