KoolKarts® Series Heavy-Duty Mobile Air Conditioners

KoolKarts® are heavy-duty, mobile air conditioners especially engineered for ruggedness and reliability.

Scientific Systems LLC offers a variety of industrial-grade equipment solutions for demanding work environments. This includes our KoolKarts® Series, which features heavy-duty, mobile air conditioners that are especially engineered for ruggedness and reliability.

KoolKarts® Series: Heavy-Duty, Mobile Air Conditioners

When it comes to our KoolKarts® mobile units, every effort has been made to combine simplicity of operation with the versatility necessary to meet all types of industrial and other demanding applications. Industrial grade compressors, coils, motors, and related components are housed inside a continuously welded, formed steel frame. The results: unusual versatility, exceptional ruggedness, excellent reliability, and very minimal need for maintenance.

Features of the KoolKarts® Series

Equipped with fully pneumatic tires and removable tow handles, KoolKarts® are readily moved and can be easily transported to different plant and construction site locations. The exceptionally compact models we offer, range from 2 to 7.5 tons and are able to pass through 34" wide door openings. The 10 and 15 HP units are only slightly larger. Higher capacity KoolKart® Magnum models are available up to 60 tons. All models are also offered with optional I-beam skid mounts for more permanent installations.

Applications of KoolKarts® Series

Versatile and flexible, air or water-cooled, and fully self-contained, KoolKarts® are offered in both standard and high ambient temperature models. They are engineered for the most demanding applications including use in dirty, dusty, and corrosive environments. Explosion-proof models for use in hazardous locations are classified under NEC Class I, Groups B, C and D and for Class II, Groups F and G in Divisions 1 and 2.

The Filtering Process

High volumes of clean and dehumidified air are delivered by means of belt-driven, speed-adjustable blowers through one or more flexible ducts. Up to four air streams can be directed over distances in excess of 100 feet. An optional air diffuser cools personnel with very low-velocity air streams, minimizing draft and associated discomfort. The easily serviced, 4" thick industrial grade air filter provides excellent dust protection. Also available are high dust loading, gas phase (carbon), chemical, and HEPA (99+%) filter modules for dust and odor removal and for corrosion control.

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  • Engineered for Industrial Environments
  • Cooling Capacities from 2 to 15 tons
  • Models for 60 or 50 Hertz service and for High Temperature Ambients
  • Easily Moved By One Person; totally self-contained
  • Adjustable Blower Speeds and Pressures
  • Efficient 4
  • High Dust Loading, Vapor Removal and HEPA Filters*
  • Built in Thermostat
  • Built - In Phase Indicator on all Three Phase Models
  • Large Full Pneumatic Swivel Wheels or Skid Mounted
  • Explosion-proof Models for NEC Class I, Groups B, C & D, and for Class II, Groups F, & G, Div. 1 and 2*
  • SaveCoil 101 Corrosion Resistant Coil Coatings*
  • Air Diffuser Wall for Horizontal or Vertical Air Flow*
  • Accessory Electric Heaters*
  • Epoxy Primed with Attractive Blue Urethane Finish
  • Wide Range of Accessories and Options


  • Emergency and Temporary Air Conditioning for Power Plants, Computer and Telephone Centers, and Construction Sites and Industrial Installations
  • While Working inside Process Tanks and Reactors
  • For Humidity and Temperature Control while Painting
  • For Comfort Conditioning Athletes during Sport Events
  • For Manufacturing, Processing, or Storage Buildings in Refineries, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Plants
  • People and Equipment Cooling in Mills and Foundries
  • During Construction and Turnarounds
  • During Servicing and Maintenance of Aircraft, Ships and Offshore Installations

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