KKM Magnum Hi-Capacity Series

20 to 60 ton Air Conditioner Trailer or Skid Mounted

Skid Mounted and Trailer Mounted Models from 10 Tons to 100 Tons in General Purpose, and Explosion proof Design.


  • Off Road Package - Standard base model. Excludes all features in HWY Package
  • Highway Ready Package - includes surge brakes, spare tire, light and reflector package, license plate holder, VIN registration and certificate of origin.
  • Codensate Pump - A condensate pimp located in teh evaporator drain pan allows pumping of condensed moisture to a safe place
  • Electic Heat - Add electric heat for use in heating and cooling application. Rigged Finned Tublar heating elements available in 15 kW, 40 kW, 65 kW, and 90 kW on most models
  • Heat Pump - Adds reversing cycle for heating for outdoor temperatures above 45 F
  • Cam Lock - Quick connect Cam Lock electrical plugs replace power line cord.
  • Digital Temperature indicators - Two digital displays mounted on the control consol display supply and return air temperatures.
  • Remote Thermostat - With 125ft cord allows temperature control from within air conditioned space. Mounted Thermostat inside building for precise control.
  • Plexiglass Cover - Weather tight door with plexiglass window protects the control panel from the elements while allowing operator to view controls.

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