Explosion Proof Packaged Air Conditioners for Industrial Safety

While most are aware of the need for heavy-duty HVAC systems in industrial applications, explosion proof equipment is often just as critical to facility and employee safety. Even in environments that don't directly or regularly involve typically flammable elements such as gases and vapors, dust, paint, metal, wheat, and other airborne particles can still cause explosive air conditioner accidents. At Scientific Systems LLC, we carry our own explosion proof packaged air conditioner for maximized efficiency and safety.

Explosion Proof Packaged Air Conditioner

The process of making an air conditioner explosion proof requires an understanding of which part(s) of your facility is deemed classified, or hazardous: inside, outside, or both. In some cases, only the evaporator (interior section) or condenser (external section) requires additional protection against combustion. Other times, the entire unit must comply with classified standards. Additionally, identifying the hazard, whether dust, fibers, or gases, allows for modification of any electrical or mechanical component that could ignite a spark when met with these materials. Specific wiring is critical, and extra protection from corrosion may be ideal.

Industrial Application of an Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

Explosion proof air conditioning should be considered for all industrial facilities involving gas, fuel, oil, chemicals, solvents, grains, or pharmaceutical research. We offer packaged air conditioners and customized units available in different models based on NEC class, group, and division.

While Division 1 HVAC equipment certainly requires highly specific modifications, workspaces that involve the consistent presence of flammable gases aren't the only ones that need protection. In fact, some of our air conditioners are developed exclusively for Division 2 locations.

At Scientific Systems LLC, we know that safety comes with a price. That's why we designed our PACX Series explosion proof air conditioners to perform to the high standard our clients have come to expect from us, but we offer them in an economical format. To request more information about the PACX Series or other industrial HVAC systems, contact us today at (225) 926-6950.