PBX 10 Series Pressurization Blowers

PB(X) 10 Series Pressurization Blowers are the economical solution for maintaining positive room pressure.

PBX 10 Series pressurization blowers are Scientific Systems LLC's economical solution for maintaining positive room pressure, with customizable models that meet NFPA 496 standards for specified positive pressure and airflow in hazardous working environments. Our explosion-proof models comply with NEC Class I (Groups B, C, and D) and Class II (Groups F and G) codes under Division 2 and Class I (Groups C and D) and Class II (Groups F and G) codes under Division 1, meeting both American and Canadian safety standards.

Features of the PBX 10 Series

We pre-assemble and pre-test all models for quality assurance. Each shipment includes adjustable pressure set controls, Magnehelic® gauge pressure readouts, a slide-out chassis for ease of access, and start/stop controls. Pressure maintenance is fully automatic, so any previous requirement for high maintenance barometric damper controls is eliminated. Room pressure can be preset and displayed anywhere in the range of 0.025 inch wc to 0.20 inch wc. A Vari-Speed controlled pressure blower provides airflow up to 2600 CFM and continuously maintains the preset room pressure. With entrance doors closed, the airflow is precisely modulated to offset air losses from building leakage. When a door is opened, the airflow immediately increases to provide the 60 FPM minimum velocity through the opening as required by code.

The available makeup air is sufficient to service rooms and buildings that have one or two access doors. In the event of pressure loss, alarms energize time delay relays to open contacts. The PBX 10 Series includes a SSLLC-standard warranty, and optional dual blowers and automatic switch-over controls for applications that require full pressurization redundancy are available. Applications that require simultaneous air conditioning, higher air volumes, high external static pressures, or special air filters can be met with Series PBX 15, PBX 20, or PBX 24 equipment.

Industrial Applications of the PBX 10 Series

PBX 10 Series pressurization blowers are ideal for industrial situations that require low volumes of air at high pressures. Common applications include:

  • Air blow-off systems
  • Soil remediation
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • System pressurization
  • Combustion air management
  • High-pressure gas systems

Scientific Systems LLC has been providing a diverse range of industries across the United States with quality equipment for hazardous environments since 1965. Today, our long-term customers rely on our knowledge and expertise to select trusted products for their industrial applications. Request more information about our PBX 10 Series pressurization blowers or our other products by calling (225) 926-6950.


  • Automatic Building Pressure Control adjustable from 0.025 to 0.20
  • CSA Certified NEC Class I, Groups B*, C + D and Class II, Groups F and G for Divisions 1 and 2
  • Meet NFPA 496 and Similar Industrial Codes
  • Single or Dual (Redundant) Blower Models
  • Minimizes Heating and Cooling Requirements
  • Slide Out Chassis for Convenient Access
  • Magnehelic Gauge Pressure Indicator
  • Pressure Loss Alarm Contacts with Time Delay
  • VariSpeed Blowers Eliminate High Maintenance of Competitive Damper Controlled units
  • Air Filter Easily Serviced from Front Panel
  • Additional models (Series 15) available with High Dirt Loading or Deep Bed Gas-Phase Filters
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

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