PBX 15 Series

Airflow up to 6,250 CFM, with Optional Deep Bed Filter Module

PB(X) 15 Series Controlled Pressure Blowers with optional Side Access Filter Housings provide pressurization and air filtration for  buildings in hazardous (explosion proof), dusty or corrosive locations. Each unit includes a pressure modulated blower and all required controls. An optional, applications engineered filter housing accepts a wide range of particulate, carbon, multi-mixture, and most competitive filter modules. All models are computer selected, fully instrumented and factory tested. The results: Clean, precisely pressure controlled air and safe, economic compliance with ISA, NFPA, API and related industrial codes. Units can be installed in or outdoors, on rooftops or at ground level. Audible pressure loss alarm, specific gas sensors, and filter status indicators are optional.


  • Automatic Building Pressure Control, Air Filtration and Heating in one Pre-Assembled Module*
  • Pressure Adjustable from 0.025
  • Fully Automatic; Speed Modulated Blower Maintains Preset Pressure
  • Eliminates Problems of Damper Systems
  • Explosion Proof Class I, Groups B, C or D and Class II, Groups E, F, and G in Div. 1 or 2*
  • Blower Capacities to 6250 CFM
  • Skid Mounted, Pretested System for Time saving Installation and Start-Up
  • Filters for Dust, Odor* and Corrosion* Control
  • Control Panel with Pressure Readout, Pressure Loss Alarm and Purge Controls*
  • Smoke, Hydrocarbon or Specific Gas Detectors with Alarm and Automatic Shutdown*
  • Full Redundancy with Automatic Switchover*
  • Allows Component Isolation for Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Coil Finish*


  • Metal Smelters and Mills
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Paper Plants
  • Grain Transfer Silos
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Switchgear Buildings

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