Vertical Air Conditioners for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Scientific Systems LLC offers industrial-grade, vertical air conditioners in both the VA 40 Series and the VACX Economy Series designs. Between both design groups, there are dozens of models available. Whether you are searching for a system with a cooling capacity with as little as 1.5 tons or as much as 12.5 tons, our team members are available to help you find exactly what you need.

Vertical Air Conditioners

Vertical air conditioners are AC systems that are contained in vertical cabinets. Because of their unique design, they can be installed in locations with limited space. These industrial models are explosion-proof and economically priced. They can be used in a wide range of venues, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Assembly lines
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Computer rooms

Other applications include motor control centers, pharmaceutical plants, gas pipeline and compressor stations, armories, and hazardous material storage. When furnished with our optional corrosion protection package, these units can last for extended periods of time in offshore and other harsh, corrosive environments.

These wall-mounted air conditioners feature mounting flanges, which make for a relatively easy installation process. They are made for both indoor and outdoor use and provide convenient access for maintenance and servicing. Accessory options include disconnect switches with circuit breaker protection, steam heaters, low ambient control, auxiliary electric heat, and much more.

Since 1965, Scientific Systems LLC has proudly served a wide range of notable clients. This includes major brands such as Coors, Motorola, Carrier, Ford, General Electric, NASA, Chevron, Shell, Good Year, and the United States Department of Defense. Give us a call today at (225) 926-6950 to request more information about our products.

VA 40 Series

VA 40 Series for Severe Duty and Hazardous Locations

Since 1965, Scientific Systems LLC has been manufacturing explosion-proof and severe duty air conditioners and refrigeration equipment for customers in a variety of industries, including refineries, mills, and chemical plants. Here's an in-depth look at the features of our VA 40 Series of air conditioners. Vertical Air Conditioners for Severe Duty Learn More...