VACX Economy Series Air Conditioners

Vertical Air Conditioners combine maximum indoor comfort with minimal cost.

Scientific Systems LLC offers VACX Economy Series air conditioners that are suitable for use in Class I Group B, C, and D Division 2 hazardous locations. These vertical, compact units are available with a capacity of 1.5 to 5 tons.

Vertical Air Conditioners Combine Maximum Indoor Comfort With Minimal Cost

VACX Wall Mounted Air Conditioners are attractively priced and provide maximum indoor temperature control. Because these units are vertical, they are especially desirable where installation space is limited. All models feature a mounting flange, allowing for easy installation against exterior building walls.

VACX Economy Series Features

Our models feature weather-resistant enclosures of 20-gauge galvanized steel and come equipped with standard cooling and optional. The VACX Economy Series also includes the features listed below.

All models are available for standard service, which does not include the explosion-proof modifications. An accessory PBX 10 Pressurization Blower should be used if building pressurization per NFPA 496 is also required.

Applications of VACX Economy Series

Our VACX Economy Series air conditioners are recommended for light-duty industrial applications. View a list of applications below.

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  • These units include non-sparking, continuously welded aluminum blower housings.
  • Optional corrosion protection package includes SaveCoil 101 baked phenolic coil coatings and a three-step epoxy finish for all other metal surfaces.
  • Additional accessories: Choose even more features for your unit, including thermostats, humidistats, electric heat, external steam heat coils, and water-cooled condensers.


  • Control rooms and computer rooms
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Motor control centers and analyzer buildings
  • Offshore oil and gas platform crew quarters and control buildings
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Gas pipeline and compressor stations
  • Painting and solvent use
  • Grain transfer and storage buildings
  • Ordnance plants and armories

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